LiST: Lives Saved Tool

BMCSonneveldt, E., W. DeCormier Plosky and J. Stover, Linking high parity and maternal and child mortality: what is the impact of lower health services coverage among higher order births?, BMC Public Health, 2013. 13 Suppl 3: p. S7.


Background: A number of data sets show that high parity births are associated with higher child mortality than low parity births. The reasons for this relationship are not clear although much of the previously reported effects on child mortality seem to be related to selection issues rather than a causal relationship between higher parity and mortality. In this paper we investigate whether high parity is associated with lower coverage of key health interventions that might lead to increased mortality.

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LiST Analysis in UNICEF report: 12 million under-five deaths can be saved from diarrhoea and pneumonia

November 15, 2016 – The Lives Saved Tool was used in UNICEF’s recent publication, Ending Child Deaths from Pneumonia and Diarrhoea - UNICEF report: One is Too Many.

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