LiST: Lives Saved Tool

BMCPollard, S.L., M. Mathai, and N. Walker, Estimating the impact of interventions on cause-specific maternal mortality: a Delphi approach, BMC Public Health, 2013. 13(3): p. 1-8.


This paper presents the results of a Delphi process that was used to estimate the impact of interventions on cause-specific maternal mortality.  This work was an update on earlier work directed by WHO and is the basis of many of the efficacy values used in LiST linking interventions and maternal mortality.

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LiST used to evaluate the potential impact of community health worker programs

September 10, 2017 –  “Expanding the population coverage of evidence-based interventions with community health workers to save the lives of mothers and children: an analysis of potential global impact using the Lives Saved Tool (LiST)” – published online in the Journal of Global Health

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