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CID OxfordFulton, T.R., et al., Protective Effect of Contemporary Pertussis Vaccines: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.  Clin Infect Dis, 2016. 62(9): p. 1100-10.


Acellular pertussis (aP) and whole-cell (wP) pertussis vaccines are presumed to have similar short-term (<3 years after completion of the primary series) efficacy. However, vaccine effect varies between individual pertussis vaccine formulations, and many originally studied formulations are now unavailable. An updated analysis of the short-term protective effect of pertussis vaccines limited to formulations currently on the market in developed countries is needed.

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LiST Used to Estimate Impact of Interventions on Intrapartum-Related Deaths

September 21, 2016 – Intrapartum-related deaths (those taking place during delivery) represent a large proportion of neonatal deaths overall.

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