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Affected fraction

The affected fraction is defined in LiST as the proportion of cause-specific mortality that is considered susceptible to that intervention.

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AIM (AIDS Impact Model) projects the consequences of the HIV epidemic, including the number of people living with HIV, new infections, and AIDS deaths by age and sex; as well as the new cases of tuberculosis and AIDS orphans. AIM is used by UNAIDS to make the national and regional estimates it releases every two years.

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Relating to the period before parturition, before childbirth

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The Child Health Epidemiology Reference Group (CHERG) was established in 2001 by the World Health Organization (WHO) to provide external technical guidance and global leadership in the development and improvement of epidemiological estimates for children under five years of age.

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Of or relating to children aged 0-59 months.

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Coverage is defined as the proportion of women, newborns, and children in need of life-saving interventions who actually receive them. In LiST, changes in coverage are used to project changes in maternal, newborn, and child survival.

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 DemProj is a software module for making population projections and serves the main building block of the Spectrum suite of policy models. DemProj projects the population for an entire country or region by age and sex based on assumptions about fertility, mortality, and migration. 

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In statistics, an effect size is a measure of the strength of a phenomenon. In LiST, effectiveness is a percentage that reflects the degree or extent to which an intervention is capable of reducing mortality attributed to a specific cause of death.

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FamPlan is a module within the Spectrum suite of policy models that projects family planning requirements needed to reach national goals for addressing unmet need or achieving desired fertility. FamPlan uses assumptions about the proximate determinants of fertility and characteristics of the family planning program to calculate cost, number of users, and other outputs.

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Goals is a module that shows how the amount and allocation of funding for the HIV/AIDS epidemic is related to the achievement of national goals, such as the reduction of HIV prevalence and expansion of care and support.

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Institute for International Programs

The Institute for International Programs (IIP) is a network of scientists based at various institutions focused on producing information to improve programs and policies in low-income countries. IIP is housed administratively within the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

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During parturition (childbirth)

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The Lives Saved Tool (LiST) is software tool used to model the impact of scaling-up health interventions aimed to reduce mortality and morbidity in mothers, newborns, and children under five years of age.

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Of or relating to a mother, especially during pregnancy or shortly after childbirth.

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Of, relating to, or affecting the newborn during the first month after birth.

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