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LiST Supplements

As part of the background work in the development of the Lives Saved Tool, journal supplements have been published that contain articles related to the assumptions, scientific method, and applications of LiST.

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Estimates of intervention efficacy and effectiveness

The efficacy and effectiveness of the interventions in LiST have been quantified by various researchers in maternal, newborn, and child health.

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Validating the estimates from LiST

These studies compare mortality estimates from LiST have been compared to measured mortality rates from low- and middle-income countries to assess the accuracy and validity of the model.

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overview of LiST and the modeling approach 

These papers outline the basic modeling approach used in LiST. They serve as references for those who are unacquainted with the model.

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Technical Notes 

These papers outline the methodology of parts of the LiST model that are not described in published literature.

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Applications of LiST in Peer-ReviewEd Journals

These articles are peer-reviewed and use LiST as a modeling tool for program evaluation, strategic planning, and advocacy. They show the many potential applications of the model for public health researchers and practitioners.

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Program Reports and Other Applications

Various NGOs have used LiST as a part of their routine monitoring and evaluation. These published reports document their programs’ successes.

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Past Work by LiST Team

The LiST team at the Bloomberg School offers technical support to organizations and groups that would like to use LiST to develop scenarios and projections that could help in their strategic planning. Here are some sample projects.

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