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Spectrum Lives Saved Tool ScreenshotsSpectrum is a suite of policy models which provide policymakers with an analytical tool to support epidemiological decision making processes. Modules included in Spectrum are:

  • Demproj (Demography)
  • AIM (AIDS impact model)
  • LiST Lives Saved Tool (Child survival)
  • LiST Costing (Costs of interventions in LiST)
  • FamPlan (Family planning)
  • TIME (TB impact model and estimates)
  • Goals (Cost and impact of HIV interventions)
  • Resource Needs Module (Costs of implementing an HIV/AIDS program)
  • Malaria  (Malaria interventions and impact) 
  • Non-communicable diseases (Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma, and more) 
  • RAPID (Resources for the awareness of population impacts on development)

Spectrum was built and is maintained by Avenir Health under the guidance of a team at the Institute for International Programs at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.  Collaborative partners have included UNICEF, GAVI, CARE, and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,

If you want to run LiST you need to download and install Spectrum. Once installed you then choose which modules, including LiST, you wish to use.



Spectrum v.5.72 27 September 2018 (Includes LiST)

Get details on how to install Spectrum on Windows.  On a Mac.

Get the Spectrum revision history notes.

Get the manuals.



In order to most accurately model the trends in maternal, neonatal, and under-5 mortality, it is important to incorporate all available current data.  Here we make available the most up-to-date data. This includes demographic data derived from the United Nations Population Division estimates. 

The Country Data Pack contains default data for the Demproj module for ALL countries available for modelling in Spectrum. If you would like to retrieve Demproj default data for a selection of countries, you can do so by creating a new projection in Spectrum, where you will need internet connection to download the specified country's Demproj default data. Default data for all countries for modules other than Demproj are included when you download LiST / Spectrum. 



Updated: 4 December 2017 - Country Data Pack executable installer (EXE). 


Spreadsheets and Tools

These files help to support specific functionalities in LiST or assist users with certain complex calculations. Instructions or documentation on how to use each tool is contained within the file itself.. 

  • Subnational_Data_Template -- Use this spreadsheet to compile household survey data prior to running the Subnational Wizard in LiST.
  • Subnational_Data_Template (FRENCH) -- Use this spreadsheet to compile household survey data prior to running the Subnational Wizard in LiST.
  • Breastfeeding scale-up tool -- Use this spreadsheet to create automatic trends for predominant, partial, and no breastfeeding categories based on a user-determined trend for exclusive breastfeeding.
  • Exclusive breastfeeding disaggregation tool -- Use this spreadsheet to create detailed breakdowns of breastfeeding behavior for input into LiST based on a single indicator of exclusive breastfeeding among children <6 months.


Subnational Projections - Repository

Subnational projections for select countries are stored in the data repository. These projections were made using the LiST Subnational Wizard. Each downloadable zip file contains the projections and region-specific data sheets. The "Notes" explain the methods and data sources.

CountrySubnational RegionStart year of projectionPrincipal data source(s) usedDate createdDownload ProjectionsSpectrum Version usedNotes
Nigeriaall states 2013DHS 2013Feb-16Zip File5.5PDF File


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