September 28, 2016 LiST was used to explore scale-up of life-saving interventions in 24 priority countries for PATH’s report: Harnessing the Power of Innovation to Save Mothers and Children: How 11 Innovations Could Save More Than 6 Million Lives.

Linked to the Innovation Countdown 2030 Initiative (IC2030), this report highlighted 11 of the emerging innovations and LiST was used to model how coverage expansion driven by these innovations has the potential to accelerate progress toward country-specific goals outlined by USAID in the 2016 Acting on the Call Report.

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LiST Used to Estimate Impact of Interventions on Intrapartum-Related Deaths

September 21, 2016 – Intrapartum-related deaths (those taking place during delivery) represent a large proportion of neonatal deaths overall.

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